OBS Billet Upper Control arms

Our Billet upper control arms for the 88-98 OBS are revolutionary. Made out of T-6 6061 billet aluminum our new Billet upper contol arms are like no other. We designed these contol arms to have the utmost in adjustabilty, strength, easy of use and style. Imagine being able to change your aligment in a few minutes depending on the activity your are about to conquer with your truck. Simply jack up the truck a little to relieve pressure, loosen the top rod end bolts, change out your desired spacer and your ready to go. These arms are great for autocross, roadcourse racing and perfect for lowered trucks wanting to get that perfect alignment with style. 

3 big improvements; corrected ball joint angle for lowered trucks.
Solid billet construction compared to the factory stock stamped out unit.
Solid conection through high-end rod ends compared to the factory rubber ones.

We all know that unless you have an alignment machine with you, on-the-fly adjustments can not be done. Our contols arms allow you to have multiple custom spacers so you can change camber and caster.

Complete upper arm kit comes with every part you see in the picture.

X2 billet arms
X4 Rod ends
X2 factory upper ball joints
X4 grade 10 adjustment bolts
X4 1" alignment spacer
X8 Rod end spacers
Retail Price


​Customer spacer kits available just give us a call.